24th Annual Farm Field Day in Photos!

On behalf of the Prince William Soil & Water Conservation District, thank you to everyone who made this year’s event a success! We brought hands-on conservation education to 1,572 local students….not to mention all our teachers, chaperones, high school peer leaders, volunteers, partner agencies, and farm friends. Especial thanks to the Veteran’s Farm Club for hosting us!

If you have additional pictures from the event you would like to share email education@pwswcd.org!

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Kids Say The Barndest Things

DSC_0449We’re just one week away from the 24th annual Farm Field Days, and boy are we egg-cited! And we’re not the only one….let’s take a look at what some of kids actually attending Farm Field Days have told us they are most looking forward to….

I wanna know how they get them crops to grow so well.

            I’m excited because it reminds me of where my mom came from and I really do like farms.

                      I would like to see all the animals and especially the pink pigs.

It is about science and science is cool.

                       I am excited for the little fat chicken, and I hope there’s popcorn.

     I am excited because I want to help the environment stay healthyI

I like Farm Field Days because I love animals and the carrots and the corn and all kinds of farm food. I don’t know much about farms, but I like everything I know.

                I can’t wait to make butter.


         I want to see if we can see a horse.

                  I am excited because I like learning hands-on.

      I just wanna see how they really do things over there.

 How do you milk a cow?

     I wish to see pigs.

               Who even knows what they’re going to do?

                       If we take care, we might see a barn.

I want to learn about what stuff is made from corn and I am curious about no-till….

      I might see a brand new thing!

                          I love tractors!

           Getting to plant, eat, and touch!

                                    I am willing to pet a farm animal

                         Because you get to learn about veggies, animals, and special things.

 Learning about farms can teach you a lot about farms.

                                       You might do the farm thing what farmers do and do their jobs.

            You can go to the farm and still be learning science.


Knowledge: The Gift(bag) That Keeps On Giving

ImageAttention partner agencies: next Monday we’ll be putting together our teacher gift bags for educators that will be attending Farm Field Days. If your agency has a resource or freebie that you would like to include in the gift bags, please contact Laurie (education@pwswcd.org) before Thursday. Each of the 65 teachers attending Farm Field Days will receive a gift bag.